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No new posts A note from Maria Pia and Mosè & Rules

A Welcome Note and the Basic Rules of the Forum. PLEASE READ

1 Basic Rules from Maria Pia
Last change: 18.07.2007 20:26
No new posts Introduce Yourselves

Here you can express your interests by introducing yourself to the group.

15 Mary from Massimiliano
Last change: 11.09.2007 06:50
No new posts Poetry

Here you can share your poetry with the group.

11 Ode to my daughter. from Maria Pia
Last change: 27.11.2011 09:35
No new posts Short stories

Share your creations with the group.

0 -
No new posts Thoughts, reflections

Here you can share your feelings and thoughts about the world, people, life etc.

9 Riflessioni di un Italiano che vive all' estero from Guest
Last change: 16.04.2009 22:43
No new posts Articles

Here you can share articles that you have written or even published

5 A tribute to my father from eudora
Last change: 14.02.2008 10:35
No new posts Classical Music

Here you can write anything that has to do with this gender.

2 A Tribute to my father from Judith
Last change: 28.07.2007 20:23
No new posts Pop, Rock, Soul Jazz etc.

You can write about your favourite singer or group or music of these genders.

0 -
No new posts Just for a laugh!

Here you can write funny things that have happened to you or you can share jokes, write comments on them etc..

8 The best hunger expression from Guest
Last change: 06.03.2008 20:48
No new posts Un saluto da Maria Pia e Mosè & Regole

Regole del Forum. Siete pregati di leggere attentamente.

1 Regole del Forum from Maria Pia
Last change: 18.07.2007 20:16
No new posts Presentiamoci

Parla un po di te. Chi sei? Quali sono i tuoi interessi?

18 Elena from Guest
Last change: 21.03.2008 16:48
No new posts Poesie

Potete in questo spazio condividere le vostre poesie con il gruppo.

11 L'IDIO(poe)TA from guga/rossopasquino
Last change: 26.02.2008 13:36
No new posts Racconti

Compartite le vostre creazioni con il gruppo.

10 Milano -Giornate di vento from Elena
Last change: 02.08.2007 07:42
No new posts Pensieri - riflessioni

Qui potete condividere i vostri sentimenti o pensieri circa il mondo, la vita in general ecc.

8 Festa della mamma from Elena
Last change: 11.05.2008 09:03
No new posts Articoli

Qui potete condividere i vostri articoli anche quelli già pubblicati previamente.

12 Una nuova forma per leggere la Storia from Guest
Last change: 27.04.2015 19:56
No new posts Musica Classica

Qui potete scrivere su qualsiesi argomento che apartenga a questo genere di musica.

3 RE: Vladimir Horowitz from Guest
Last change: 19.10.2017 11:48
No new posts Pop, Leggera, Rock, Soul Jazz ecc.

Qui potete scrivere su tematiche attenenti a diversi generi di musica.

0 -
No new posts Per fare una risata!

Qui potete parlare di cose buffe che vi son capitate oppure condividere barzellette, scrivere dei commenti ecc.

1 Barzelletta ricevuta in un E-mail from Maria Pia
Last change: 31.07.2007 17:25
No new posts Un saludo de Maria Pia y Moisés & Reglas

Las Reglas de seguir. Por favor leer atentamente.

1 Reglas Basicas from Maria Pia
Last change: 18.07.2007 20:52
No new posts Presentemosnos

Quien eres? Cuales son tus "hobbies"? Tus aspiraciones?

2 Hola! from Maria Pia
Last change: 24.07.2007 21:09
No new posts Poesias

Aqui pueden condividir poesias con el grupo.

0 -
No new posts Cuentos

Compartan con el grupo vuestras creaciones.

0 -
No new posts Pensamientos

Aqui pueden compartir sentimientos acerca del mundo, la vida etc.

1 Pensamiento mañanero en Santo Domingoen el 1991 from Rico
Last change: 16.07.2007 21:16
No new posts Articulos

Aqui podran compartir vuestros articulos escritos, tambien los que han previamente publicados.

1 Como proteger mejor las casas contra los ciclones from Rico
Last change: 11.07.2007 23:05
No new posts Musica Clasica

Aqui podran escribir cualquier argumento que pertenezca a este genero de musica.

0 -
No new posts Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz etc.

Aqui podran escribir argumentos acerca de estos distintos estilos de musica.

0 -
No new posts Para reirse un poco!

Aqui pueden escribir sobre situaciones comicas que a lo mejor le han sucedido, compartir chistes o comentar sobre ellos.

0 -
Forum time: 26.04.2018 21:18 Mark all forums as read

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Four Simple Basic Rules to Follow:
We want you to feel free to express your thoughts and we welcome everyone that can do it using proper language while respecting someone else's point of view.
1) Please, attain to the subject under which you write.
2) Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as long as you do not offend when replying.
3) Use appropriate language, avoiding rude expressions. 
4) Under no circumstances will pornography be tollerated whether visual or written.
If any of these Rules are infringed we will immediately remove your membership.
We thank you for following these simple and basic rules that will help us in monitoring appropriately this Forum.
Maria Pia and Mosè

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