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23.07.2007 - 16:58: A Tribute to my father | Quote Quote

A Tribute to my father


My father, Francesco Montelli, was born in Rome on Oct. 1 1896. The atmosphere of culture that surrounded his early youth, within that Rome still so baroque at the end of the twentieth century, paid a significant, natural and spiritual part in addressing him toward the Art that has impassioned and still impassions life of almost all Italians: Music the true and the very Music that draws us near God and feeds our spirit with sublime pleasures.

With his marriage to Luisa Bombelli (my mother) , who had in her family two of the most illustrious Italian artists of that time , the renowned official sculptor for the Vatican Enrico Quattrini and Domenico De Angelis eminent painter whose works, among others, have been and still are the pride of Teatro Amazonas in Mannau, Brasil, the world of my father was more than ever permeated with enlightenment.

His inborn perfectionism and natural curiosity made him excel later not only as one of the great violinist of his time but also in different fields either as a valid music essayist (covering in particular the art of Orchestra Directing) or as a highly appreciated recording technician. His appeasable, deep and human personality is still alive not only among his admirers in Italy and Europe but also in a conspicuous number of Dominican Republic musicians to whom he conveyed precious teachings.

Here is a brief description of his career:

He got his professorate at the renowned Accademia di Santa Cecilia in Rome in the year 1915 and, after having fulfilled his duties in the First World War, he was nominated, in 1919, as one of the first Violinists of the Symphonic Orchestra of Augusteo of Rome.


In 1921, together with the First Violin, the First Viola, the First Violoncello of that Orchestra the Quartetto di Roma was founded and, within a short time, it turned to be a musical ensemble of such an insurpassable magnitude that it obtained the highest recognitions and awards for Chamber Music in many a nation, especially in Germany, fatherland "ad honorem" of this noble musical expression.

Later on, in 1924, he ascended to First of the second violins for the Orchestra of Teatro Reale dell'Opera of Rome and in 1928, he became First of the second violins and soloist of the Symphonic Orchestra of EIAR (government agency for the radio broadcasting in Italy) and participated and followed studies and seminaries for the direction of Orchestras and acted, thus, as technical adviser for renowned Directors being one of them Maestro Carlo Maria Giulini, who has been one of the Directors of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. He was a member of the Commissione Superiore per la Musica and member of the Commissione dei Progranmmi for the same organization (today RAI - Radio televisione Italiana).

It is worth to mention that Quartetto di Roma performed in the most important cities of Europe and America, participating in Concerts and Festivals with such enthusiastic results that most of the times they were awarded with the highest recognitions from Italian and many foreign governments. Quartetto di Roma, at that time, had several concerts recorded with Elektrola (Germany), His Master's Voice (Great Britain), RCA (Usa), La Voce del Padrone (Italy).


Soon after the Second World War, that left Italy in the poorest economic and civic conditions, the Italian Government undertook a rigorous program of reconstruction covering primely the commercial sectors of the Italian public life; as a consequence of this in 1947, and immediately later on, many famous and renowned Italian music professors left Italy looking for a better future in other countries as is the case of Dominican Republic where an ambitious artistic project was taking form in one of the most important Radio Broadcasting Stations of Central America ; consequently, drawn by this, my father decided to move there as also did Orchestra Directors Roberto Caggiano and Vittorio Castorina as well as the great violinist Danilo Belardinelli, the well known pianist Mario Carta, Enrico Calbiati all of them with an established international fame as Amedeo Fortunati, Mariano Dessi, Carlo Renzulli, Fulvio Montanaro, Luigi Fusilli, Ennio Orazio, Guglielmo Morelli, Ferdinando Giacobbe, Carlo Donati, Lorenzo Ticchioni and many others.

There, besides being the First Violin of the Orquesta Sinfonica Nacional, under the direction of Maestro Roberto Caggiano, he founded the Cuarteto Ars Nova and was also the teacher of many of today’s outstanding Dominican violinists. He dedicated himself with passion to music but his interests and natural curiosity pushed him towards other goals where he emerged with distinction in different fields such as that of writing essays on music topics or, as late in his life, that of directing the Recording Department of the main Dominican broadcasting organization (Voz Dominicana) where, many famous singers and musical groups of Latin America, had a marked preference to be recorded at, for the quality of the registrations.


He died on the 14th of April 1966 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, where his extraordinary artistic qualities and generous and human personality have left an enduring legacy in the social and musical world of that nation.

To know more about Francesco Montelli, please visit his website at:


Enrico Montelli

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judith (M+)

Registered: 27.07.2007
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28.07.2007 - 20:23: RE: A Tribute to my father | Quote Quote

Hi Enrico,

Your Father was a true Maestro and you have to be so proud. I am in awe of you and your background. Kisses and big big hugs for you. Can I say too that your Father was a VERY handsome man?

Love, Judith

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