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Registered: 15.08.2007
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15.08.2007 - 16:33: Ode to my daughter. | Quote Quote


Hazel eyes she has

My mysterious beauty

Velvet her smile

her ruby smile

which touches my heart;

her origin, the source

of this miracle which she is.

She is the gift of love.

(Edited 15.08.2007 17:39 by Maria Pia)
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Maria Pia (M+)


Registered: 11.07.2007
Posts: 27

27.11.2011 - 09:35: RE: Ode to my daughter. | Quote Quote

This is such a beautiful and inspired work of poetry.
Thanks so much for including it in our Forum.
Hope to see read many others from you dear. but353

Maria Pia

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Maria Pia and Mosè

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