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06.03.2008 - 20:48: The best hunger expression | Quote Quote

A contest was banned among international artists by the F.A.O. (the well known organization against Famine in the world) for the painting of a huge mural on one of the facades of their building.

The contest would be won by the painter who could, in the best pictoric expression. emphasize Hunger in the world.

Various participants came from all over the terraqueous globe and soon covered endless square yards of all sort of canvas with multicolored figures.

There was, for instance, a German painter who had no trouble in finding his inspiration simply going through myriads of photos shot at Dachau or Buchwald concentration Camps, to catch the famished and hopeless looks of throngs of jews behing barbed-wires.

Or the English painter who, after a not too short trip to Bangalesh, came back with enough material that would alter his dreams (and appetite) for the rest of his life.

And it could not be absent at the meeting a joyful neapolitan painter who would use, as leitmotif, a sleeping cat into a dusty and dead kitchen stove.

Nevertheless, and in spite of such massive participation of well renown dernier-cri artists, the contest was won by an unknown Dominican painter who depticted with bold strokes a huge man's backside all covered with spiderwebs: when he was questioned about the meaning of such somewhat outrageous painting. he had a simple and convincing answer: if there is no food there is no use for it!

(Heard at a party in Santo Domingo some time ago)

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