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Reading and Writing Forum - Terms of use

The administrators and moderators of this forum try to edit or delete posts with questionable content as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it is not possible to check every single post individually. By accepting these terms of service, you accept that each post in this forum reflects the opinion of its author and that the administrators, moderators and the person responsible for the forum are only responsible for the content of their own posts.

You agree not to post or publish content which is offensive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, hateful, violent or illegal content of any sort. Racist content as well as any invasion on the privacy or impersonation of others are not allowed and will be deleted as well. Violations to these rules will lead to immediate and permanent deletion. We reserve the right to hand over connection data to the law enforcement authorities. The person responsible for the forum as well as its administrators and moderators have the right to edit, move, delete or block posts at their discretion. You agree that the data collected at your registration will be stored in a database.

This system uses cookies to store information on your computer. These cookies do not contain none of the personal information supplied above, they only intend to make your visit to the forum more comfortable. Your e-mail address will only be used to confirm your registration or, if necessary, to send you a new password.

By completing the registration you agree to these terms of use.

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Four Simple Basic Rules to Follow:
We want you to feel free to express your thoughts and we welcome everyone that can do it using proper language while respecting someone else's point of view.
1) Please, attain to the subject under which you write.
2) Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as long as you do not offend when replying.
3) Use appropriate language, avoiding rude expressions. 
4) Under no circumstances will pornography be tollerated whether visual or written.
If any of these Rules are infringed we will immediately remove your membership.
We thank you for following these simple and basic rules that will help us in monitoring appropriately this Forum.
Maria Pia and Mosè

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